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Hello. My name is Stephen Oskoui and you are now visiting my personal website. I must warn you that this site has not been updated since the year 2000. It should still give you an idea of who I am, but there have been some important developments that are not mentioned. :)

Photo of me at chipshot.com On the left there's an image of me working hard at chipshot.com. The photo is by Gerry Gropp, for an article in Business Week.

I spent most of the summer in a cubicle, so Gerry had to do a lot of work with the lighting to hide my monitor tan. However, I did score some golf lessons from a former PGA pro.

If you want to learn more about me, then I would suggest reading the strategic thinking paper that I wrote in MSE 271. If you're here on business, then my contact info is in the about me section.

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